Words of Wisdom Round-up: Recent posts from around student affairs

It’s a busy time of year. If you are on the quarter system, you may be in throws of training preparation and planning; if a semester, well, classes may have already started. For this week’s post, we wanted to share some of the collective wisdom shared by student affairs professionals across the web in case in the midst of moving carts invading your hall lobbies, parent receptions, putting up the welcome signs, and greeting all your new students you missed some sage advice floating on the interwebs. 

  1. How a children’s book can lead to a lesson that speaks to our work and purpose: Fix that Hole in Your Pocket by Sara Hazel Harrison
  2. Is the Beloit College “mindset list” truly a reflection of the average college student?: A Mindset by Any Other Name by Amma Marfo
  3. Why leaving what you built is hard, but focusing on what you have necessary: Watering the Grass by Mallory Bower
  4. Each day is an opportunity to live your dream; do it with a special focus: Be Mindful of your QTR by Christopher Sell
  5. How will you encourage your incoming class?: Reminders as We Welcome the Class of 2017 by Lindsey Gilmore via the Student Affairs Collaborative
  6. Remembering the parent perspective this time of year: Taking a Ride in the Parental Helicopter by Christopher Conzen 
  7. A reminder to savor the joy that’s in the hectic schedule of August: Slow Down, Enjoy the Ride by Becca Obergefell
  8. How building and nurturing your network can be part of your daily routine: Everyone Must Eat Lunch Right? by Bernard Little 
  9. Making the most of the long days and nights of a new year: When August Changes by Renee Piquette Dowdy
  10. The reality of the challenges in transition: Behind the Scenes by Lisa Endersby

What inspired you? What can you take away to help make the start of this academic year your best yet? 


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