The purpose of the WISA Knowledge Community is to give voice to the needs of women in student affairs and to provide professional development opportunities through both regional and national activities designed to address gender equity and prompt personal growth. WISA initiatives work to center the experiences of marginalized people and focuses on the intersections of race, class, sexuality, disability and gender identity with gender and sex. WISA provides a home for student affairs professionals who work in women’s and gender centers or with gender-related concerns on college campuses, creating networking opportunities for those professionals.


  1. Identify and articulate to the Association those issues and concerns which are central to women in student affairs.
  2. Create and disseminate knowldege related to women and gender in student affairs, specifically working to center the experiences of marginalized populations in higher education.
  3. Provide professional development activities centered on gender within the regions and at the national level (i.e. drive-in conferences, the Alice Manicur Symposium, the Women’s Center pre-conference at the national conference, etc.)
  4. Collaborate with the Center for Women, Research and professional development in their effort to encourage and promote research on issues relevant to women in student affairs and support the Journal about Women in Higher Education.
  5. Collaborate with other identity-based KC’s and women or gender-centered organizations to create professional development opportunities for our members.