WISA June 2013 Update

“Encourage, lift and strengthen one another.

For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.

For we are connected, one and all.”

― Deborah Day

Happy 2nd Birthday to the WISA Blogging Initiative!

On June 12, 2012, Ann Marie Klotz and Julie Payne-Kirchmeier took the opportunity to share about the first year of the WISA Blogging initiative.  Very quickly, they discovered that the WISA blog and its social media counterparts had become a powerful forum for women and advocates at varied stages in life to share their experiences, their worries, their fears, their successes, and advice to help lift and affirm what became a fantastic community of support.

As stated in our mission,

“the purpose of the WISA Knowledge Community is to give voice to the needs of women in student affairs and to provide professional development opportunities through both regional and national activities designed to address gender equity and prompt personal growth. WISA initiatives work to center the experiences of marginalized people and focuses on the intersections of race, class, sexuality, disability and gender identity with gender and sex. WISA provides a home for student affairs professionals who work in women’s and gender centers or with gender-related concerns on college campuses, creating networking opportunities for those professionals.”

This past year, we have read about negotiating the PhD experience, celebrating our mentors, avoiding unnecessary apologies, and explored if we can in fact, “have it all”, among many other important topics.  We’ve also heard from a number of advocates through our Feminist Friday posts, exploring topics such as happiness, gender equity, and what it means to be a “feminist”.  The beauty of the WISA blog is that there is an inherent opportunity to lay it all out there, and in exposing our very real vulnerabilities, and successes, we are fundamentally lending a hand of support to other women. Furthermore, we are opening ourselves up to experiences with which we may not be familiar.  [CAH1] 

In a tradition started over two years ago, we continue to hear from professionals at all levels about professional endeavors and journeys of holistic personal development. Our community has THRIVED because of those who have read and contributed to it.  Since June of 2012, we’ve added almost 900 new Twitter followers, another 600 Facebook followers, and have reached over 33,000 views on our blog from 10 different countries around the world.  Our LinkedIn and Delicious sites continue to grow and remain a fantastic resource for information.

We would like to take a moment to celebrate this past year’s WISA Social Media Leadership Team, as without their brainstorming, drive, and initiative, it would have been much harder to engage our community as successfully as we have.  To those soon departing, Amy Jorgensen in particular, thank you for your leadership and passion!

2012-2013 WISA Blog Editors – Kristen Tomlinson and Amy Jorgensen

2012-2013 WISA Twitter Account Managers – Ciji Heiser and Shanoya Connor

2012-2013 WISA Facebook Page Manager – Melissa Robertson

2012-2013 WISA LinkedIn Group Manager – Dr. Niki Peppler Rudolph

2012-2013 Resource Site Manager – Dr. Shelly Morris Mumma

We would be remiss without thanking Ann Marie and Julie as well, as without their vision and passion for women’s leadership, this community would not be as strong as it is today.

This coming year is allowing some new faces the opportunity to support the WISA Community as well.

Ciji Heiser, Coordinator for Assessment at UNC Chapel Hill, and Melissa Robertson, Area Coordinator at Purdue University, will be taking the lead from Ann Marie and Julie in leading this year’s WISA Social Media Team.  We are incredibly honored for this opportunity, and feel privileged to work with such a remarkable group of women.

Please help us in welcoming this year’s team – a group of amazing women who will be carrying the tradition forward:

WISA Blog Editors:

  • Renee Piquette Dowdy, Director of Education & Curriculum Design/Director of the Fraternal Values Society, Synergos, AMC
  • Kristyn Tomlinson, Director of Alumnae Relations, Delta Gamma Executive Office

WISA Twitter Co-Chairs:

  • Paige Abe, Community Director, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Shanoya Connor, Area Coordinator, Davidson College

WISA Facebook Chair:

  • Roxie Tucker, Residence Life Coordinator, University of Northern Iowa

WISA LinkedIn Chair:

  • Dr. Niki Peppler Rudolph, Director of Student Affairs, Residential College for Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University

Resource Chair:

  • Dr. Shelly Morris Mumma, Director of Leadership and Student Engagement, St. Norbert College

We are also insanely excited to provide inspiration and resources to you through a new Pinterest page!

Pinterest Co-Chairs:

  • Shanoya Connor, Area Coordinator, Davidson College
  • Sarah Hoffarth, Coordinator for the First Year Experience, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

We are so thrilled and privileged to work with such an astounding team, and look forward to serving and leading this year.  Happy 2nd Birthday WISA Blogging initiative – let’s make it count!

Ciji & Melissa


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