Dear #WISA Blogging Community,

We wanted to take a moment as we enter the holiday season and thank each of you for sharing your time, your contributions, your comments, and your voices with the NASPA #WISA Knowledge Community through the WISA blog.  This project was designed to capture the perspective, experiences and insights of a wide variety of women in our field, and here, at the halfway point, we believe that we have managed to do just that.

The WISA Blog has become a trusted source of inspiration, support, encouragement, and knowledge for so many women – all because of you and your involvement.  From WISA bloggers, to Feminist Friday writers, to each of you who read, comment, tweet about and share the blog with others – the voices of women in Student Affairs continue to ring true and strong.  Each of you, in your own way, are making a difference.

Below is a Wordle of all our blog posts to date.  It’s empowering to see such great focus for the WISA blog!

Please take a moment and reflect on 2011 and what the year means to you and your own development.  Enjoy time with family, friends, loved ones or in moments of quiet solitude.  Recharge your batteries.  Read a book.  Sleep late.  Eat a fantastic meal.  Play with toys. In short – do whatever it is that you enjoy.

We look forward to what the future holds for WISA and for each of us. Have a joyous holiday and a fantastic New Year, and we’ll see you all in 2012!

In Strength,

Julie Payne-Kirchmeier and Ann Marie Klotz

#WISA Social Media Co-Chairs 2011-2013

WISA Bloggers:

  • Mamta Accapadi
  • Teri Bump
  • Bobbie Cole
  • Gail Cole-Avent
  • Candace Dennig
  • Sara Furr
  • Mary Jo Gonzales
  • Ellen Herion
  • Jennifer Hiatt
  • Jenny Jacobson
  • Cindy Kane
  • Kate McGartland-Kinsella
  • Becca Obergefell
  • Stacy Oliver
  • Cathy Smalley Pales
  • Sumun Pendakur
  • Jenesha Penn
  • Roberta Rea
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Niki Rudolph
  • Kristen Rupert
  • Deb Schmidt-Rogers
  • Kristyn Tomlinson
  • Daviree Velazquez

Feminist Friday Bloggers:

  • Chris Conzen
  • Vijay Pendakur
  • Scott Peska
  • Mike Severy


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One response to “THANK YOU

  1. Sherry mallory

    Thank you, Ann Marie and Julie. You’ve done an amazing job!

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