Welcome to the WISA Blogging Initiative!

Welcome to our first edition of the WISA weekly blog! As co-chairs of the social media team for WISA we are happy to begin this new initiative which will allow women from a variety of student affairs areas to share their thoughts and experiences as a female practitioner working in our field. Each Wednesday, WISA will publish a new blog and we encourage you to comment on the post and contribute to the conversation.

We have asked a group of almost 40 women to contribute to this blog representing a wide variety of functional areas of Judicial Affairs, Greek Life, Housing and Residence Life, Women’s Centers, Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Student Activities and Orientation to name a few. We have also recruited faculty members from Masters programs in Higher Education to contribute to this on-line learning environment.

We are asking women to share their challenges, victories and everyday experiences with our readers. If you are interested in submitting a blog post, please email us with your topic—we are happy to have more women involved in sharing their stories, experiences and professional journeys. Blog posts should not exceed 800 words.

WISA has created multiple ways to connect with NASPA women. Please check out our Facebook page, LinkedIn group and Twitter account.

Stay tuned!  We will feature new blogs posts later this month from Mamta Accapadi (Oregon State University) and Niki Rudolph (Michigan State University).

We look forward to learning from and with you!

Dr. Julie Payne Kirchmeier, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Ann Marie Klotz, DePaul University




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